This book is something I’ve been picking at for over a decade. It’s 2020 now and I’m not getting any younger, so I set myself a goal to finish this beast this calendar year.

My story is that I was more or less born into technology. My Dad is an engineer and writer, and my Mom is an artist. So it wasn’t too surprising I had a knack for software and a penchant for user-interface design. My Dad said the last thing he wanted me to become was an engineer, but I was good at it - a natural - so that’s where I ended up.

As a small child, I’d go into work with my Dad on weekends and put circuit boards together and wire things up. As soon as I graduated High School I went to work assembling circuit boards for audio systems. Then I went into software. I have been in the software industry non-stop since 1982 and have pretty much seen it all from every angle - from the trenches to the board room.

For years now, people I’ve worked with have told me “You should write a book” about all the things you know about this industry. Well, this is it!