"Different Things Vary" distills four decades of experience in the Technology Sector into a concise guide to working and living in the industry.

The book is divided into sections covering "The Work", "The Business", "Start-Ups", "Freelancing", "Management" and "The Life". Included in each section are chapters which provide rules to help navigate working as a software developer.

For folks who’ve been in the industry a while, these pages will read more like a humorous review of all too familiar folklore and experience. For everyone else, hopefully it will provide a few nuggets of previously inaccessible wisdom.


  • First Sample Chapter

    I’ve posted the first preview chapter here. This chapter explains the title of the book, as well as providing a useful lesson when debugging a system where “nothing changed” but it’s still crashing like Turn 1 of a Formula 1 race.


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  • Site Launched

    I’ve decided that 2020 is the year I finish this book. I’ve been working in the Tech Sector for close to forty years now. Ye Gods. Since around 2015, I started pulling together notes for a book on all the things about this industry they never teach you in school. The things you need to learn the hard way. So it’s finally happening.

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